5 handy tips on how to master lyrics in English

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Are you sure you catch all the words when Kings of Leon sings “Sex is on fire?” Have you ever got corrected when listening to “Losing my religion” from R.E.M.? Worry not; it happens to all of us that we mishear some words and we only realize it when checking the lyrics! Understanding lyrics can sometimes be extremely hard. However, some useful tricks could help you improve your listening skills.

Why listen to lyrics?
There are really meaningful lyrics that perfectly describe feelings and thoughts we are dealing with in certain moments in our life as well as have the power to uplift and carry us through the lows. By understanding lyrics, you can get closer to your favourite artists and bands and start getting the feeling that you understand each other better which creates a stronger bond. With that, your concert experiences may get more intense since you understand the message artists endeavour to convey and the emotions behind it.

Tips to make it easier

As mentioned before, it can be difficult and overwhelming to get the whole lyrics and thus understand the message of certain songs. However, we have some good news for you – you can be better and more comfortable listening to your dearest track.
Here are 5 handy tips on how to get the hang of it:

1. Try not to lose your focus!
When listening to lyrics, the biggest challenge for many is to keep up the focus and not get distracted by random thoughts. No matter how hard they try, their mind is all over the place after 2-3 lines.
What could help is giving yourself a task: choose the lines you find funny, odd, touching etc. That would make the process more engaging and engrossing.

2. Read along with the lyrics
Reading along with lyrics while listening to music via Spotify can be extremely beneficial. It is a useful way of grasping the message of the song and why the song was written. Splendid!

3. Think about it!
We suggest thinking about the meaning of the lyrics. Does the topic of the song match the sound? What was the purpose of the artist writing it?
If you find out the answers to these sorts of questions, then you can be proud of yourself; you have officially mastered the song. Well done on you!

4. Pop in a Karaoke pub
Don’t be shy! It does not matter if you are a talented singer or not; a night of Karaoke can improve your lyrical knowledge since you are pretty much forced to read the lyrics. For instance, I have recently discovered that the song “Pyro” from Kings of Leon is basically about a man who has lost faith in the world. He wants to disconnect himself from the pain and follow his path: “I won’t ever be your cornerstone”.

5. Repeat it as many times as you need
Never underestimate the power of reputation. It certainly applies to listening to lyrics as well. The” more you repeat the song, the easier it gets to grasp the lyrics and the story behind it. So play it again and again and again until you fully grasp the message.

Still finding it hard?
Dare to ask your friends if you still struggle to understand certain lyrics. Also, feel free to comment under this post and we will gladly help you out.
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