Shine in a job interview and grow within your profession

Master the technical terms and advance your career

This course was designed for those who aim to enhance their English language skills at a professional level, want to be more confident in a job interview, or wish to grow within their professional field. You will learn all the relevant and contemporary expressions, words and terminology used in your professional career. The course is filled with lots of role-plays, activities based on real-life situations at the workplace and engaging videos, and listening activities with different accents.

The course is completely personalised and tailored to the
needs of every individual. If your goal is to be more competitive in the job market and therefore want to have a professional CV and cover letter that boost your chances, you can count on us. We are also aware of the fact that preparing for an interview can be challenging at times. For this reason, we can set up a course for you where you can practice answering some questions that are likely to occur during the interview process, depending on your field. You will also be given tips on vocabulary (words and expressions) that could help you give a better impression to your future employer. 

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Interview Preparation

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Information Technology

CV & Cover Letter Writing

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